PGOSA History

Look out in this area for a series of 'historical interest'

We are collecting fact and fiction about the last twenty-five years of the existence of this great seniors' organization - PGOSA!  The first of these is a compilation of the SERVING OFFICERS since PGOSA was incorporated in 1992!  Thanks goes to the late Peter Kucey for retaining and providing this record.  You may notice that some years have more than one entry!  We believe the entries are completely accurate.

Executive Since 1992

Remembering Peter Kucey

Peter Kucey, Horseshoes

It is with great sadness that I must report to all PGOSA members that Peter "PGOSA Pete" Kucey passed away on July 29th.

So many of us knew Peter from his "Birthday calls" which he made to every member, his love and dedication to the sports of horseshoes, slo-pitch, hockey and skating, and for being a founding member of PGOSA....which he jokingly loved to say stood for "Peter Goes Off Side Again."

Thanks Peter for all you've done for PGOSA


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