Social Hiking Group

From January 06, 2023 9:30 am until January 06, 2023 4:00 pm
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The Social Hikers

On Fridays you can join the group Social Hikers.

  • Social Hikers General information: Our hikes are not planned more than a week in advance, so a long-range schedule is not available.
  • Those registered with us will get a notification by email on or before Wednesday indicating which hike we will be doing for the upcoming Friday. Information will include the expected time (typically 4 to 5 hrs), elevation gain (100 to 400m), and the length (12 to 15 km). We hike every Friday (weather permitting).
  • We use the app “AllTrails” and will always provide the trail name as it appears on the AllTrails app.
  • We do have fun on our walks and chit chat up a storm, we stop and always take in the view. 
  • Bring your lunch to eat on the trail.
  • Our start time will depend on the location of the trail head.  If it is close to Parksville we start at 9:30, but if it is further away you can expect a 10 am start time. We usually stay within an hour of Parksville.  Like all things; trails can be longer, higher elevation, and take longer than expected.  We always start and finish as a group. 
  • The “we” is Wendy (usually in the lead) and Patrick (usually the sweep).

All hikes should be considered a full day’s outing. Because of expected weather conditions hikes may be moved to a different day of the week with advance notice. An email bulletin is sent out before each hike to announce its destination and particulars as to length and challenging features, specifying a meeting place and time.

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