Welcome to the Outdoor Slo-Pitch League

Outdoors Slo Pitch
Organizer(s): Roland Wickett
Location:  Parksville Community Park
Fee:  $50.00 per season

The Parksville Seniors Athletics Group  (PSAG) administers, as an affiliate of PGOSA,  a Spring and Summer Morning House League for PGOSA.

There is 4 day a week activity with all games scheduled between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
All games are played at the Community Park in Parksville.
There is a Monday and Thursday schedule for the "Red" Level---a more competitive Co-ed level.

There is also a "White" Level for a more relaxed Co-ed game played on Wednesdays and Fridays.

*Note- batting helmets are required to be worn for batters and baserunners and catcher's masks are required to be worn at both Levels.

More than 130 players are registered with PSAG.... part of the PGOSA umbrella of Activity Groups...and all Activities and Leagues are comprised 100% of PGOSAns.

Provided you are a current paid-up member of PGOSA, you are covered by Group Accident Insurance----full policy and Claim Forms posted HERE. PGOSA also provides Liability Insurance to the RDN and the city of Parksville and the Damage Deposit for the Park.

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