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Slo-Mo Paddlers is an organized activity of the Parksville Golden Oldies Sports Association (P.G.O.S.A.). The Paddlers were formed in 2013 to:

  • promote interest in all forms of human-powered boating,
  • to foster friendships among participants, and
  • to provide opportunities to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Planned excursions are typically day-trips organized by a volunteer Event Leader who is designated by the Slo-Mo Paddler Managers. One or more multi-day trips may also be scheduled. Excursions can involve cruising, exploring, camping, fishing, or skill development, depending on the interests of participants. Fresh and salt-water paddling events are undertaken.

The Managers coordinate communications and coordinate trip activities while individual members volunteer to lead excursions.

Considerations for Water Safety

Here are important considerations for having a safe and fun time while on the water.
Paddling craft: canoes, kayaks, or rowboats capable of keeping pace with the paddling group during an event. Short kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, some inflatable kayaks and some foldable kayaks are not suitable as they may not keep pace with the group and may be unsafe for open water paddling. A motorized watercraft may accompany the group for safety.

Items to bring with you: Water safety is paramount. Transport Canada requires paddlers to carry certain safety items depending on the type and length of your craft and where and when you are paddling. For the safety of individual participants and all members of a paddling group, all participants are requested to have this equipment on their craft and to carry a change of seasonally-appropriate clothes in a dry bag.

Depending on your craft and the location of the paddling event, you may need any or all of the following items:

  • an approved PFD for each paddler;
  • sound signaling device;
  • heaving line;
  • bailer or pump;
  • flashlight or flares;
  • compass;
  • spare paddle
  • Communication Device (Cell Phone – we are usually within cell range on our trips),

Optional: knife, first aid kit; float bags; emergency food and drinking water.

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