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PGOSA Cycling organizes group rides in the Oceanside area at three different difficulty levels: Casual, Intermediate  and Advanced.  Typical rides are 3 to 3 1/2 hours long with a stop at a coffee shop.  Local rides include rides to almost all local areas including Northwest Bay, Wall Beach, Nanoose, Rivers Edge, Errington, Coombs, Parksville, French Creek, Columbia Beach, Qualicum Beach, Englishmen River etc.  This year out of town rides included rides to Kitty Coleman Park, Kinsol Trestle, Horne Lake, Little Qualicum Falls, Cumberland, Courtenay/Comox, and Denman Island.

Ride Emails: As rides are weather dependent and starting times seasonal dependent, and as special rides may have different start times and locations, emails are sent to all riders for each ride.  Local rides emails typically go out the previous day, although they may be on the morning of the ride in “iffy” weather. Emails for special rides go out earlier as starting times and locations etc. also may change. 

Signing Up for Ride Emails: Contact PGOSA cycling @ .  
Include your name, PGOSA membership number, address, email, phone number and which group(s) you wish to get emails for.

Casual Cycling: Thu & Sun, starting 10:00am winters (Oct. 01st to Apr. 30th)  from 500 Despard Avenue, Springwood Park parking lot (off-leash dog park at the end of Despard) & 9:30am summers (May 01st to Sept. 30th)

We go as far as our weakest cyclist (nobody gets left behind). 
Leaders: Gilles Gratton (250) 586-5055 res. (250) 240-5055 cell & Paul Tinney (250) 586-6258

Intermediate : Thu & Sun, 10:00am winters (Oct. 01st to Apr. 30th) from 500 Despard Avenue, Springwood Park parking lot (off-leash dog park at the end of Despard) & 9:30am summers (May 01st to Sept. 30th)

approx. 30 - 40 km averaging around 16 kmph 
Leader Intermediate : position open

PGOSA Cyclists (advanced): Wed & Sun, starting at 9:30am from Oceanside Place in Wembley Mall
Typically 50 km averaging 20 plus km/h
Leaders: Kevan Hill-Tout, 250-738-1555 & Sharon Drefs (250) 248-6871

Outlook & Numbers: We are having another growth year in PGOSA cycling. At this time we have approximately 200 riders in total.  Each week there are 8+ rides scheduled and we are continuing to discuss other ride options, including an evening ride. We have to keep working on making rides safe and enjoyable, and remember that these are group rides, not a race from one place to another.

Safety, PGOSA & Insurance: All riders on PGOSA rides must be PGOSA members.
With increasing size and local traffic we need to make sure our rides are safe and all riders are accounted for on any ride. On highways and connector roads like Northwest Bay road we need to stay right and in one line whenever possible. Crossing busy highways and highway merge lanes needs to be done with great care. On all roads we need to stay together, helping out anyone with difficulty and informing the person who is leading the ride if we are leaving.
Several excellent emails have gone out with safety information, thanks to those who sent them our way.

Covid: In Stage 3 of BC CDC guidelines there are very few restrictions on outdoor sports activities so the guidelines are fairly simple. Sports organizations no longer need to have a Covid 19 Safety Plan and there are no restrictions on group size, spacing or mask wearing for outdoor recreational activities. Participants in outdoor sports are not included in the requirement for vaccine passport. 

Riders must decide for themselves if they are comfortable with current Covid protocols, and whether or not to participate and not attend if feeling unwell or have COVID like symptoms. 

Ride Destinations: In addition to our regular rides to Nanoose, Parksville, Errington, Coombs, Hilliers and French Creek, we are looking forward to several special rides and events. While most of these rides have been popular, they may not be a fit for all riders, and we often have a local ride concurrently

Some Special Rides

1. Kinsol Trestle: Kinsol Trestle is the largest trestle in North America and one of the largest in the world. We usually visit the trestle and include a 20-30km ride on good, but not paved trails. Mountain or hybrid bikes are suggested.

2. Denman Island: The Denman Island ride is a 29km ride on Denman Island on paved roads. Starting at the ferry terminal on the west coast it is a 13 km ride to Bill Mee Park on the east coast of Denman for lunch. After lunch a 10km ride up the east coast to visit Fillongley Park and enjoy the scenery. Finally, 6km across the Island to the ferry terminal. The advanced group typically starts from Bowser (approx 18 Km to Buckley Bay) when they do this ride.

3. Little Qualicum Falls: The ride to Little Qualicum Falls is a 56 km loop out to Little Qualicum Falls via Bellevue, Grafton and Hwy 4. Enjoy the sights and views of the falls before crossing the Little Qualicum river on the top bridge and meeting up with Meadowood Way on the east side of the river. Down to Meadowood Convenience store for lunch and returning via Corcan, Baylis, Hwy 19A and bike path.  (note: starting the ride in Qualicum reduces the ride to about 30km)

4. Downtown Victoria, Galloping Goose and Lochside Trail: This is a two or three ride.  Possible rides include; a ride to Downtown, a ride out the Lochside Trail and a ride out the Galloping Goose to Sooke.
Additional Special Rides and Events are possible in Victoria.

5. Courtenay: The Courtenay ride to Kitty Coleman Park is a 39km ride on paved roads through rural Courtenay, with a lunch at Kitty Coleman Park. This popular ride is very pastoral, wandering through farmlands on quiet rural roads. The advanced group also rides 50+ km in the Cumberland/Courtenay/Comox area once or twice a year.

6. Little Qualicum Cheese Works: The Little Qualicum Cheese Works and Mooberry Wine have coffee, snacks and sandwiches, possible wine tasting, and farm tours. An easy ride for us to schedule sometime this summer.

7. Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery: During fish runs the Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery is a great place to visit. Underwater views of river & fish hatchery, tours, viewing spawning channels, wildlife galore. Also a possible ride for a picnic and/or tailgate party. The ride is approx 24km ride on a gravel road with a significant amount of climbing. Mountain or hybrid bikes are suggested.

8. Englishmen River Fish Hatchery and spawning channels:  Included on the ride is a 4km strip near spawning streams and channels.  As a significant section of this ride is on trails and/or gravel mountain or hybrid bikes are suggested.

Hope to see you all on the road again!!!

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